Westchester Carpet Cleaning

Westchester Carpet Cleaning

To maintain your carpet’s appearance, your carpets should be professionally cleaned every six to 12-months. Most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpet wet with detergent residue. At Olympus Carpet & Upholstery our professionals use state-of-the-art machines and products to enhance the quality of our performance to remove dirt, soil, detergent, and moisture.

The Pre-Inspection

To understand what areas are of most concern to you, our technician will inspect your carpeting and ask you about any problem areas, such as areas where pets have messed or stain-causing items have spilled.

Pre-Condition Traffic Areas

Next, our technician will treat those areas with a nontoxic, natural pre-spray and may use agitation depending on fibers to break the bonds between the soil and the carpet fibers, making it easier to clean.

Spot Treatment

No matter what caused the stain, we are willing to attempt to remove any stain and will do everything possible to achieve the best looking results without damaging the integrity of the fibers. Each stain we face is somewhat unique, but our staff is equipped to battle even the toughest stains.

Steam Clean & Hot Water Extraction

Using our state-of-the-art equipment and supplies our technician will use hot water extraction or steam to enhance the quality of performance and condition of the item desired to be cleaned. This steam cleaning and hot water extraction removes not just that easy-to-reach top layer of dirt and dust, but deeply embedded dirt too.

Carpets steam cleaned with high-quality, professional tools smell and look clean because they are clean—deep down clean.

The carpets in Westchester homes not only have the comings and goings of residents and house guests, but also indoor pets that could have the occasional accident, or the chronic ones. The indoor air quality is improved dramatically while removing the contaminates that mar your carpets. Stains are lifted along with the dirt, mud, pollen and other allergens, pollutants, germs, and bacteria are extracted to reveal bright, fresh, and revitalized carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Experts in Westchester, NY

The owner-operated services of Olympus Carpet & Upholstery provide excellent professional carpet cleaning and a strong reputation to be top ranked in Westchester, NY. We service both residential and commercial properties. Olympus Carpet & Upholstery carpet cleaning method is recommended by all carpet manufacturers and only the best cleaning procedures, materials, and equipment are used. Our Hot Water extraction cleans from the roots of the carpet to the tip of the fabric to assure 100% cleaning satisfaction.

Trust Westchester carpet cleaning company Olympus Carpet & Upholstery for a clean carpet, guaranteed.

Efficient service delivered in a personable manner is all I ask for. Olympus has the premium on that. I have used them twice so far…

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