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Not all area rugs are the same and we know that every rug is unique from the fiber context , style of weaves and dyes that were used in creating area rug which dictate how they are cleaned. At Olympus Carpet & Upholstery, we are able to adapt our unique cleaning process to ensure that each specific rug is brought back to its original beauty and its value protected.

  1. A pre-inspection is performed both in your home and in our facility to first identify the fiber context to ensure that your rug will be cleaned using the best techniques for soil and stain removal, as we know, there are many different types of fibers such as wool, tencel, silk, viscose cotton & polyester at Olympus Carpet & Upholstery we are experts at fiber & rug identification.
  2. Up to 80% of all soil in a rug is dry soil. Shag rugs, woven rugs and wool hand knotted rugs are specifically designed to hide dry soil. We use several techniques to dust, agitate and vacuum the front and back of your rug to ensure maximum removal of dry soil.
  3. Every step of our process is just as important as the next. Nothing is overlooked. Once the rug has been dusted and cleaned, the rug is put through our soft water rinse system. This is almost like a Jacuzzi for the rug! Soft water is combined with a soft jet of air that works to rid the oriental rug of the last bit of dirty water. Even when a rug has been thoroughly cleaned, the soft water rinse process is the only way to ensure that all contaminants are out of the Oriental or Persian area rug.

Our prices include cleaning, cleaning solutions, deodorizing and stain removal. Our expert technicians inspect all aspects of the job to determine the best solution to getting your rug clean.

Olympus Carpet & Upholstery specializes in cleaning rugs. We have two methods for cleaning area rugs, the first is an in-home cleaning which cleans the surface of the rug. We also offer a bathing process at our location, which cleans all the way through the rug. Olympus Carpet & Upholstery are the best rug cleaners in New York City. We have satisfied customers across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Westchester counties and beyond. We offer a free consultation at your home or office and provide you with a no-hassle professional opinion of what needs to be done to get your rug back to it’s pristine condition.

Professionally Cleaned Area Rugs

Olympus Carpet & Upholstery will restore and repair your rugs and make your rugs fresh and vibrant. Even with regular at-home care, professional area rug cleaning is a must to extend the life of your rug and bring out its natural beauty and brighten its colors. Olympus Carpet & Upholstery recommends professionally cleaning your rugs every 12-18 months or every 6 months or more often if you have pets or allergies or need to remove pet urine or odors.

I highly recommend Olympus Carpet & Upholstery. Timothy, the owner, was on time, knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to deal with. He made my 11 year old red Microfiber couch look brand new at a reasonable price. I was so pleased, he is cleaning my silk Chinese rug at his shop and I will have him come back to take care of several Persian carpets. He even knows all about pets and gave me great advice about the cats I just rescued from a trip to the pound. Five stars is not enough–I give Olympus and Timothy ten stars!

Alicia L., on Yelp

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