Rug Repair

Rug Repair NYC Fringe

Restore Your Rug’s Appearance and Value

Although fine handmade Oriental and specialty rugs are made for generations of enjoyment, they sometimes need the skilled attention of a New York rug repair professional. The meticulous repair experts at Olympus Carpet & Upholstery can restore your rug’s appearance and value – to be enjoyed by your next generation.

Our Expert Rug Repair Services Includes:

  • Repair of Slits, Rips, Tears
  • Fringe – add, repair, remove
  • Spot and Stain Removal
  • Overcasting of ends
  • Custom Fit Padding
  • Corner Restoration
  • Color touch-up
  • Hole Patching
  • Fugitive color removal
  • Patching
  • Rug Re-Weaving
  • Color Bleeding
  • Pet Damage Restoration

Rug Repairs Made Simple

Olympus Carpet & Upholstery makes rug repairs so simple you will wonder how you ever managed without them. Beginning with a free inspection and rug repair quote, our technicians will pick-up and re-deliver your rugs so you never need to do more than open the door. Simply show the technician which rug or rugs are in need of repair and we will do the rest.

We repair rugs at our facility so we can access the specialized tools we need to repair your rug. Once your rug is at our shop, we will conduct a thorough examination of your rug and take note of the damage before we proceed with the repair phase.

Tackling All Rug Repairs

With our experience, no repair is beyond us. We offer full professional repairs from fixing fringes, re-binding, repairing torn areas, re-dying of white knots, and reweaving missing sections or moth damaged areas.

Olympus Carpet & Upholstery also specializes in odor removal services! We help eliminate built up odors and any discoloration that comes from living with pets, children, or years of hard wear. Our team can also resize your rug to fit new room dimensions! If you are downsizing, remodeling, moving, or simply redecorating – let us help!

Servicing All Rug Types

Olympus Carpet & Upholstery in NYC repairs and cleans the following types of rugs:

  • Afghan
  • Antique
  • Belgian
  • Chinese
  • Durrie Rugs
  • Egyptian
  • Kilim
  • Moroccan
  • Needlepoint
  • Oriental
  • Pakistani
  • Persian
  • Tibetan
  • Turkish

Fringe Repair

The fringe is the first thing to go on a rug. Years of foot traffic on individual tassels, vacuum cleaners and other devices cause abrasion to the fringed areas. They all contribute to tearing, fraying, and an eventual wearing down of the tassels or discoloration.

Most of the time we want our rugs “fixed” with new fringe because it just looks bad when the original fringe is worn. It’s a noticeable thing to fix, and is the most common New York rug repair that comes through our doors! The rug repair experts at Olympus Carpet & Upholstery can help.

Serving New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

From our headquarters in The Bronx, Olympus Carpet & Upholstery works with customers throughout New York City and North Jersey. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your rug and we will take care of the rest.


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