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Rug Moth Damage

Moth Rug Damage

Purchasing an oriental rug is a significant investment that needs to be cared for properly to keep it looking good for generations. One of the most dreaded problems oriental rug owners face is rug moth damage. While moths usually attack wool rugs, they may also take up residence in a silk rug in rare instances. No matter what kind of rug you have, if you have moth damage, Olympus can repair the damage and return your rug to its former glory.

How is Rug Moth Damage Repaired?

If you have moth damage to your rug, the experts at Olympus will take your rug to our facility, where it is carefully cleaned with a gentle cleaning solution specifically developed for your wool rug. After thoroughly cleaning the rug, we bathe it in a lime solution to kill the moth larvae. Rug repair begins after we’ve gotten rid of the moths and their larvae. Carpet moths can be difficult insects to irradicate on your own. Our rug repair and cleaning experts have treated rugs with moth damage for years, backed by extensive training and professional development that shows in the beauty of our repairs and customer satisfaction.

Once we’ve cleaned the rug, we carefully inspect the damage and match the fibers in your rug, using 100% wool in the thickness, style, and pattern that matches the original. We never do an “almost patch,” we search until we find the right materials in the right colors so that, once repaired, no one will ever know there was moth rug damage. We treat every repair as though we are crafting the rug from scratch, using Old World techniques you seldom find today.

How Long Will It Take?

Most repairs for moth rug damage take about two weeks. We would rather do it right than do it quickly. We want you to be confident that we’re treating your rug like the family treasure it is. We can even update you with photos of our progress as our professionals work their magic. If the rug is large or the damage is extensive, the timeline will be longer, but we’ve never come across a rug with moth damage that we couldn’t restore. With proper repairs, your wool oriental rug will look new and last for decades.

Moth Rug Damage Repair in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Contact us today to get a free evaluation of your rug. We can provide you with a contact-free quote based on photographs of the damage or come to your home and do an on-site assessment. A 50% down payment is required to begin the work of eliminating the moths and repairing the rug. This ensures we can obtain the finest quality materials to do the job properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does moth rug damage look like?2021-11-18T15:52:24-05:00

Look for areas of the rug that look too worn, particularly around the corners and in areas where the carpet is in low light, and there isn’t much traffic. If patches of wool are missing, creating bald patches or exposing the rug’s underside, you probably have carpet moths.

How can I mothproof my rug?2021-11-18T15:48:17-05:00

There are two steps you can take to minimize the chance of a carpet moth infestation. First, always vacuum the back side of your rugs as well as the top. This can help get rid of the eggs and larvae on the back of the carpet. Cedar blocks or beads are also good moth repellants.

My rug is severely damaged. Is it salvageable?2021-11-18T15:48:37-05:00

Even heavily damaged rugs can be repaired. We have over thirty years of combined experience cleaning, caring for, and restoring carpets. We are confident we can salvage your rug.

Can moths damage a silk rug?2021-11-18T15:48:52-05:00

While this is possible, it’s not usually a problem. Moths prefer wool to any other material and will gravitate toward wool carpets and rugs. If you suspect your silk rug is infested with moths, please give us a call to discuss the issue. In many cases, damage to silk carpets is from silverfish. We are experienced in treating rugs for these insects as well.

Timothy was so incredibly helpful and fair! He worked absolute magic on a very old rug of mine (with every sort of imaginable damage (holes, stains, moths!)) that will now go on to live a much longer life in my home.

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